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since 1994

About us

We’re the bar marketing gurus, crafting everything from tap handles, lenses, signs, and other eye-catching sales products. We take pride in our superb quality, thanks to our in-house production of 80% of our merchandise. Big or small orders? No problem! We’re super flexible to your needs.

Plus, our in-house development team works hand-in-hand with our clients to create custom products. And if that wasn’t enough, we have production bases in Taiwan and China to make sure we can get the job done efficiently. Our expertise and experience ensure we can always provide top-notch solutions to showcase your brand in the best light!

MIssion & Vision

We’re all about giving beer brands the ultimate power to use their taps as a canvas for their brand story. It’s our forte! Years of cracking the market and getting to know our products inside out has placed us in a sweet spot.

We play matchmaker, pairing up the perfect items with the right tap, selecting worldwide consistent color schemes, offering cost-effective solutions, and staying on top of technical possibilities and limitations. And, of course, we know exactly how long delivery will take. We’ve got this!

Efficiency & Service

Our production process has undergone some serious upgrades in recent years. That’s why we can now churn out large amounts of high-quality goods with ease, all without breaking the bank.

But when we say we’ve got a solution, that’s not just lip service. We put our heads together, drawing on all our internal expertise and experience, to craft a bespoke fix. We work hand in hand with our customers and partners, taking into account every detail until the puzzle is complete and the solution fits like a glove.

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